USPS Goes Latin, Republicans vs. Healthcare (Again), Gucci Is Mental & More

The new commemorative stamps for 2011 are out, and this time they are with con chispa! Meet the artist behind the work. {ColorLines}

Why won’t the Republican’s let us freelancers be great? Fresh off of FINALLY passing the 9/11 responders bill, Republicans now want to repeal Obama’s historic health care legislation? We’re gonna send Barack a “veto” button. {BBC}

So we can now claim that prescribed drugs can make us turn into habitual gamblers? No really. Vegas! {G}

In Arkansas, an estimated 1-5K birds dropped dead from the sky on New Year’s Eve and about 85K dead fish were found on river shores. Officials now blame fireworks for the birds while the rest of us brush up on the book of Revelations. {NYT}

Gucci Mane is in a mental hospital and Wacka is back in jail? Oh hip-hop, you are over 20 years old…grow up! {Pitchfork}

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