VH1 Needs More ‘Love’ & Hip-Hop

I am starting to hate wives and girlfriends. Basketball Wives, Real Housewives, Football Wives, and now…Love & Hip-Hop? Reports hit yesterday that VH1 will be previewing a new series, “Love & Hip-Hop” on March 21st. Says AOL’s Black Voices:

VH1 is finally releasing the much-hyped docu-drama ‘Love & Hip-Hop,’ an eight-part reality show in the same vein as franchise hits ‘Basketball Wives’ and ‘Football Wives.’ This time, the significant others of two platinum rap stars and two women trying to make a name for themselves in the male dominated industry share their stories.

Jim Jones’ girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin and Fabolous’ girlfriend Emily Bustamante are hoping to get their men to follow Jay-Z’s lead and ‘put a ring on it,’ while two aspiring artists, former G-Unit artist Olivia Longott and Somaya ‘Boss’ Reese are on a quest to be taken seriously as entertainers.

And that’s not it! Because let’s admit it, it sounds like snore right? Yesterday VH1 also confirmed that Mashonda Tifrere has joined the cast—that Mashonda. The former Mrs. Swizz Beatz who publicly endured her husband’s affair with Alicia Keys (whom he later married) rounds out the number to five. While I appreciate and felt for Mashonda, especially after mainstream media literally whitewashed her husband’s affair and nuptials, I’m not cool with “Love & Hip-Hop.” We already have stated our position on Basketball Wives, but with this new franchise it’s becoming clear that black/minority women are now the new Flava Flav for VH1.

After spending the weekend watching black women gang-up on each other like 5th graders and then turn around and say that they “hate drama,” it’s clear that “we” make for good TV, which is pay-dirt for any network executive—but at to what expense? The format is beyond played at this point. There are plenty of women in hip-hop who are not just girlfriends, ex-wives, or up & coming artists who have more in common with King Mag “Eye Candy” than studio time that young black women need to see. No one seems to be interested in the women who run labels, publications, manage and market artists and more in a uber male-dominated industry. These women are also wives, girlfriends, and mothers who love hip-hop. That is everyday drama that is not only compelling, but a great departure from a watching a girl basically do everything but say she married a man for money (Hi Jennifer). Who knows what this new series will bring? Regardless, I’d rather just re-watch Nicki Minaj go in on getting respect and ‘pickle juice’ than see another girl basically play herself on television and call it hip-hop.

If VHI wants real love & hip-hop, they need to add a few more women to that line-up that love and actively shape the industry more then they just love the men.

PS. I’m kinda excited to see more from Chrissy though (pictured), she’s always been a quiet sweetheart around town….

Update: 3/24 – After watching two episodes, I’m #teamchrissy and honestly not mad at the show—it’s not the best, but not the worst—but Olivia and Emily are gonna need some help…and Somaya? Ay dios mio. But Chrissy & Jim? Totally heart those two.

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