Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’: Good (Video) Morning

The Brits Awards, England’s version of the Grammy’s, went down last night and one of our favorites Adele took the stage. Performing a heart-felt version of “Someone Like You,” even the announcer described the song as a one-way ticket back to your last heartbreak. It’s the Wednesday after Valentine’s Day, so perfect timing for it right?

Last night, Adele was pulling for Mumford & Sons — aka one of the folk groups that played during the Grammy’s and confused everyone on our Twitter timeline. She told Absolute radio in the UK, “I’m rooting for Mumford & Sons. I love everyone else but they’re my favourites. That Mumford record was me and my Ex’s album. If it wasn’t for that album I don’t think I’d be as emotionally drained as I am and not as emotionally exhausted and not been able to write this album. So I’ve got to be a bit thankful really cos it’s doing really well!”

Wherever your inspiration comes from, Adele, we applaud it here at Parlour.

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