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Dear Adele, You Should Be My Bestie!

Cee-Lo’s The Lady Killer has finally been taken off repeat in my car (my baby niece is thankful I think, even she – at 18 months was tiring of me constantly playing “Please” over and over again), anyway it’s been replaced by Brit girl Adele‘s latest album, 21. The follow-up to her incredible debut album 19 (the album titles are self-explanatory … she’s aged 21 now).

I adored 19. I was in the process of going through a ridiculously hard break-up, and spent many a nights crying my eyes out listening to the album – especially the “Cold Shoulder” track. It was like the chick was living my life! So needless-to-say, I had my tissues at the ready when I started listening to 21.

And it didn’t disappoint. And I didn’t cry this time (!). In fact you can hear in her voice and lyrics that she’s older and wiser now (as allegedly am I). The way that she deals with relationships has matured and you can see that she’s had more life experience as a result of her new-found fame. I know it sounds like a cliché — but we all know that the teenagers we were at aged 19, was a far cry from the “adults” we became at aged 21. A lot of the angst and insecurities start to minimize by that time.

21 is a beautiful listen. So much so, I really feel as though we should be friends … she is totally living my life. I mean obviously I don’t have the fame thing, but … er … other than that, she could totally be my bestie. “Turning Tables,” “Rolling In The Deep,” “Rumour Has It” and “Take It All” are my favourite tracks. Although to be honest, the entire album is a delight.

One thing I love about her writing, is the honesty. If you get a chance, try and listen to the track-by-track explanation on the album. Actually, I found it on YouTube here you go:

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her before, and she really is genuinely lovely. She’s a down-to-earth Londoner, despite her success both here and in the States. Gosh, it’s almost like I’m in love with the girl, innit? Okay, let me stop attempting to sell the new album to ya. How about you listen to some of it yourself?! Here’s the first single released off the album: “Rolling In The Deep”

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