Anti-Abortion Billboard Comes Down: Here’s Why Some Are Still Angry

According to one of my favorite local TV stations, NY1, that Life Always billboard officially met it’s match — when it was torn down. But it wasn’t ripped to shreds by the rabid women and men of color in the Tri-State area, but rather by the outdoor advertising company Lamar who said they were acting on the whiffs of protests they’d heard were forthcoming and could’ve been violent. Cool, whatever … until I thought about it for a minute.

Whether the image is down or not, why is it ok to attack women, and their significant others by proxy, who have to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives? Abortion is not as easy as picking turkey or pork bacon. The choice changes lives from all angles and people don’t need to be upbraided by perfect strangers about their journey when it was difficult enough to decide in the first place. And to that end, our girl Akiba Solomon wrote “9 reasons to Hate Anti-Abortion Billboards That Target Black Women” for Colorlines.com … and we must agree with her. Here’s an excerpt:

1. I hate Life Always, the faux-pious anti-choice group behind thatsabortion.com and the racist billboard, which has “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb” looming above the image of a 6-year-old black girl named Anissa Fraser.

2. I hate how Anissa’s mother dressed her baby in pink ruffles, put a bow on her pretty, kinky twist-out and took her down to a modeling agency for the ultimate picture day, only to see her daughter’s image used for racist propaganda.

6. I hate that Lamar Advertising, the company paid to erect the billboard, took the Soho one down last night, but I’ve heard about at least one in L.A. (If you’ve seen it, please share the address in the comments!)

7. I hate how Lamar claims they removed the Soho billboard because workers at the Mexican restaurant below feared for their safety—not because SisterSong and the Trust Black Women Partnership made serious noise, Brooklyn city councilwoman Letitia James initiated a change.org petition, city council speaker Christine Quinn condemned it, NYC public advocate Bill de Blasio called for its immediate removal, and Al Sharpton was plotting a press conference.

For the full list, go to Colorlines. We also heard that this same style of billboard was erected in some areas in the South, except the image is of a brown baby boy.

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