Aristide Returns, Paul Haggis Tells All, OxyContin Attacks & More

It just may be on for Haiti. Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has been issued a diplomatic passport by the Haitian government after spending the past seven years. Aristide was the country’s first democratically elected president and seen by many as it’s most respected leader. {BBC}

Hollywood director Paul Haggis and his much anticipated 2500 word expose of Scientology is out. Xenu! Tom Cruise! It’s better than a novela. {New Yorker}

A universal iPhone that can work with just about any cellular service is in the works. {CNN}

Around the country, pharmacies are under attack by folks addicted to prescription pain-killer, OxyContin. They robbin’ pharmacies ya’ll! smh. {NYT}

Waka Flocka and….PETA? Ok, it’s better than most. {XXL}

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