Banksy May Attend Oscars, Tags Los Angeles with Jump Rope

One of our favorite street art gurus Banksy popped up in Los Angeles this week and he’s painting the town, literally. The Brit has crossed the pond to, at least we hope anyway, attend the Academy Awards this Sunday, where the Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary is up for an Oscar.

Thing is, Banksy’s made a career of being a recluse so for him to attend this weekend’s festivities would be a coup. For who, we don’t know really but it would be exciting … though part of us enjoys his mystery. Hell, even during his interviews in the documentary, which was excellent in our humble opinion, he wore a mask the entire time.

Recently someone tried to out the artist, according to the LA Times:

“Earlier this month, a seller on EBay claimed to have discovered the identity of Banksy using tax records and was offering to sell the information to the highest bidder. But the auction was pulled before it concluded. In an e-mail, a person claiming to be the seller said he had been paid off but could not reveal any further information.”

Anyway, above is Banksy’s latest stateside work. Enjoy!

props to NY Mag

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