Channing Tatum’s Stripper Tape Shames Us …

In this adventures of Hillary relaxing on her couch, Channing Tatum has become my new television obsession. I know, I know, he’s been in terrible movies for the bulk of his career — G.I. Joe? Step Up? I mean, come on, even I have to draw the line somewhere. But this morning, as I was watching Fighting with Terrence Howard — yes, Chan-Chan’s in that too and it was just on HBO, no Netflix, I swear — and I had to keep asking my bestie on AIM, the particulars of the script because it’s so bad she sent me physical proof of something so embarrassing, I literally shrank into my boyfriend’s couch.

I’d heard that Chan-Chan was a stripper, but it’s quite another thing to see it with my own eyes and my bestie sent the link via aim, without hesitation.

What’d it look like?

Imagine a sexy re-enactment of Shai’s “Lay Down” before the performance ran into Sisqo’s “Unleash The Dragon” or “Thong Song” — I don’t remember and I’m frankly too embarrassed to click play again. I screamed at the screen and couldn’t stop laughing.

But if you’re like me and like to rewind the Dear John scene where he and Amanda Seyfried kiss in the rain — yeah, I said it! I’m a woman that likes girly romance-y things! — then watch the “Male Encounter” video below, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. *crawls back into her couch and hides*


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