Dr. Dre’s ‘I Need A Doctor’: Good (Video) Morning

Yesterday while I was interviewing a local Brooklyn art curator, more on that later, Dr. Dre finally released the visuals to his second single from his forthcoming album Detox, called “I Need A Doctor.” For a song that seems more like Eminem featuring Dre, Shady begins the piece with two verses, the video is as NahRight’s founder said, “epic.”

From all of the old photos to vintage videos of Andre Young dresses in a satin doctor’s costume, it, like Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me,” seeks to remind the viewer, ‘Hey, this guy’s been around.’ What I think is funny is how Dr. Dre’s visual history omitted both 50 Cent, with whom he’s been feuding, and Game, who never really learned to be quiet. And apparently, Eminem was the only one to believe in Dre as he pushed the public this way and that while crafting Detox over the last 11 years. Ending with a shot of Eazy E’s grave, this clip really is like an old man looking back on his life, which is totally acceptable. But isn’t this supposed to be a comeback? Now, I’m going to share NahRight founder Eskay’s points on this clip, because they’re just too funny. Enjoy and of course, have fun with the video below:


1. This shit looks expensive as fuck. There’s a point where a video just becomes too epic for it’s own good.

2. How many times is Interscope gonna recycle the rebuild/rehab/recovery, “we can rebuild him, we have the technology” theme. It’s been damn near 10 years since the “In Da Club” video, give it a rest already.

3. This nigga Dre was looking like the Michelin man in those work out scenes. I feel like if he bumps into a sharp object it’s all over.

ps. Does the woman remind anyone else of Kanye’s “Power” video?

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