Girl Fight with Junkprints Mittens: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Forget bright copper kettles — these funky Junkprints mittens figure among our favorite things! The always inventive Brooklyn-based designer Chanel Kennebrew recently turned her attention to mittens, looking to give some serious sass and street cred to the winter accessories typically sported by bundled-up toddlers in wintry climates. Made from deadstock leather and lined with cozy fleece, these mittens are imbued with a subversive attitude thanks to bold details like conical studs, gold lamé strips, leopard print motifs, and alarmingly tall, sharp spikes.

Options include the Menacing Mittens (pictured above top), a candy apple red style featuring black ribbed sweater cuffs, as well as black conical pyramid studs and 2″ metal spikes atop their quilted center. The color of these mittens might remind you of the leather jacket Michael Jackson sported in the “Beat It” video, while the studs and spikes add a menacing, punk-y Sid Vicious edginess. They’ll give any ensemble a thrilling sense of danger, a dominatrix-meets-rebel-biker. That being said, we’d advise against attempting to go through airport security with these tucked inside your carry-on bag since they will most certainly be deemed a weapon (hey, those spikes could gouge out somebody’s eyes Black Swan style).

The Peptobismol-colored pink Wild Thing Mittens (pictured above, last), meanwhile, feature gray sweater cuffs and large, gold-toned conical studs arranged in an angle atop a glittery gold, ribbon-like strip, which is itself sandwiched between two leopard print strips, all working cohesively to create a Pat-Benatar-meets-Blondie effect.

Grab all the pricing and availability details at SickaThanAverage!

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