Love Break: The Evolution Of Love Mixtape

With this week starting with Valentine’s Day, there were plenty of gimmicky/slow jam mixes floating around to keep you in the mood until Friday, but most didn’t get us past Monday. Luckily our boy DJ Benhameen cam through with a mix that will probably get us through the year, The Evolution of Love. More than just a playlist, it’s a story. Ben says:
“This one is more of a journey through an actual relationship, from initially meeting someone and that feeling that this could be the one, to the dating and the getting to know the other person, to the courting and the loving that comes with it, to the struggles and heartache, the breakups and the reconciliations, and finally the realization that it was fate that brought you together in the first place. Sit back with a significant other, or ride around town bumping this until you find that special someone, and enjoy this audio journey through life and love.”

Take a break to enjoy ladies! Tracklisting and links to download below.

Download: DJ BenHaMeen Presents The Evolution Of Love (One Long Track)

Download: DJ BenHaMeen Presents The Evolution Of Love (Each Song Tracked Out)

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