MAC Studio Careblend/ Pressed Powder Saves Your T-Zone

Hey Parlouristas,

It’s Charmaine again from London, hope all is well! I’d like to share with you another one of my product loves … MAC Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder. Now, it would be safe to say most of us wear make-up, and most of us need to touch-up during the day to combat a shiny T-Zone area or just to refresh our faces. This is where powders (pressed or loose) or foundation comes into play.
My first MAC powder was the Blot Powder/Pressed, designed to provide shine control without any noticeable colour or texture, is ideal for a girl like me, who doesn’t wear “face” make-up, i.e. foundation or loose powder, but prefers something of the most subtle kind. And most importantly, to control a shiny T-Zone! As anyone with combination/oily skin knows, having a face you can basically fry eggs on can be a bit more than say, inconvenient!

I found the Blot Powder/Pressed (BPP) did its job well; it covered my shine and balanced/smoothed the skin, however I would need to touch-up several times a day to keep a consistently matte face. Then a few days ago on a  cosmetics splurge in West London, I was introduced to MAC Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder. Now this pressed powder combines all types of face coverage: Powder, Foundation and Tinted Moisturizer.

The packaging is the same as the BPP (circular compact, mirror and sponge applicator inside), however when you apply it to your skin you feel the difference. The texture is softer, silkier, it feels more comforting on the skin. You don’t really feel as though you’re wearing it all. Physically I would say that the coverage level is little more visible, you can see you’re wearing a hint of something on the skin, but again, it’s not full blown, so great for those natural girls or ones who want to upgrade from invisible to semi-visible coverage. It gives a smooth, slightly dewy finish, a subtle warm glow and touch-ups are required less frequently.

I love it already.

While the BPP will always be a fail-safe of mine, I honestly think I’ll be using the Studio/Careblend range from now on. And as someone who isn’t into the heavily made-up look, and has a T-Zone with its own personality (at this point, it may even deserve its own name!), I can safely say this is the one.

MAC Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder, available in eight shades, from Light to Dark Deep. 10g- £17.50/$27.98.

Go get it, girls ☺

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