Maurica Rodriguez Wants Love, DAS IT!

Last week, as I lamped on my couch (yes, I said lamped) my girl Chloé, who’s a comedian and my co-host on I’m Sayin’ with Chloé and Hills!, shot me this YouTube link. Not knowing what to expect, I clicked it and when I tell you I was literally at a loss for words before I burst out laughing … In short, whomever this guy is, he’s hilarious and I’m a fan of his new catchphrase: “Das It!” used after every sentence.

Update: I googled/ searched a bit and the comedian’s name is Yannis Pappas. He’s been a writer for a bunch of TV shows including BET’s “106 & Park” and VH1’s “Best Week Ever.” Pappas has also been on tour with Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings for their “I’m Rich Bitch” comedy tour. This guy … he just found a new fan if his other characters are funny too.

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