Meet Parlour & Flip Video’s “Missed Connections” Winners!

Who knew that so many of us are letting cuties slip away out there while on the go?  Last week, after announcing our contest with Flip Video, the entries came in, many with the same scenario of “girl sees boy, boy stares, girl acts like she not looking but totally is, boy doesn’t make move, girl expects boy to make move, and…cut!” Ladies, nothing works better than a smile and hello. It’s the best insurance we’ve got—even if it doesn’t work out, there’s no harm done in saying hi. Having a missed connection while on planes, trains, and buses was the no. 1 theme it seems, so below are our two best (read: hilarious & relatable) entries, with a few requested name changes to protect the shy & innocent:

Hook-Up #1

Miss T of North Carolina wrote:

“Recently, while waiting to board a long, long Southwest flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, I noticed a tall, athletic-y looking guy sitting at my gate at the airport. He looked at me. I looked at him and did the old “tuck my hair behind my ear” trick and sat down a few seats away. A few minutes later, the gate attendant called group A. That’s me! I popped up and noticed my friend was in group C. Boo. This concerned me. Was he lazy? Didn’t he know to check in 24 hours before the flight? Did he know how to use the intywebs at all? No matter. I’m thinking, when we live happily ever after, I can change him and show him how to be a savvy traveler. So I boarded. I found an empty aisle seat near the back of the plane (far away from babies.) The passenger in the window seat was already asleep. Just then, I saw him board the plane. He slowly shuffled down the aisle towards me. There were only middle seats left. Like the one RIGHT beside me! I willed him to sit there. He was coming closer. He looked at me. He looked at the seat. The flight attendant reminded everyone that the flight was full, so take any seat that’s open. YES! THIS SEAT IS FREEEEEE! SIT HERE! IT IS AIRPLANE SEAT DESTINY! He stuffed his duffel bag into the overhead compartment right over me. SWOON! OMG! JACKPOT! We will have 5 hours to sit together and flirt and name our children! If he’s afraid to fly, I will hold his hand. And share my peanut butter M&Ms. This will be the best flight ever! And then he sat in the aisle seat behind me. Le sigh.”

Hook-Up #2

Miss G of Pennsylvania wrote:

“I see you every morning in the same seat, on the same SEPTA regional train into Central Philly at the same time, 9am-ish, wearing the same coat, reading the same paper with the same-sized Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in your hand. I know you’ve noticed me. We’ve done the stare for a few secs thing, the stand close so we can side-glance thing, I think you even smiled at me one day—or at the lady beside me. I’ve tried to act like I don’t notice but at this point—I’m noticing.
I’m noticing that you don’t have a ring, seem to prefer politics and finance over the sports section and that you always give up your seat for an elderly person. I’m also noticing that you have good taste in clothes, keep a nice cut and work-out or just really, really love your adidas gym bag. Me, I’m a teacher—you know this because you have seen me grading papers, since I was checking you out checking me out. Even if you don’t read this website, maybe this is the courage I need to finally step to you tomorrow morning… even if we never make a connection, thanks for giving me eye-candy in the morning.”

Since Miss G and Miss T had the nerve to step it up, Parlour and Flip Video will hook them up with their very own Flip Mino HD camera. If you meet that guy—send us a video and if it really works out, we get front row wedding seats. Congrats ladies!

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