Obama vs. O’Reilly, Packers vs. Steelers, Arianna Wins & More

Bill O’Reilly’s much-hyped pre-Super Bowl interview with President Barack Obama ended with Obama and The White House as the victor — even when O’Reilly constantly interrupted the POTUS, Obama stayed cool. {Politico}

Not even Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” could carry the Pittsburgh Steelers to Super Bowl victory. The Green Bay Packers took it from the gate. {ESPN}

In Egypt, the demonstrators continue as the Egyptian government’s new cabinet meets for the first time. {CNN}

In Brazil, a huge fire in Rio’s City of Samba complex has destroyed a large portion of floats and costumes less than a month before Carnival. {LAT}

The real winner over the weekend was Arianna Huffington whose Huffington Post was just acquired by AOL for $315 million. {WashPo}

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