Parlour & Flip Want To Hook You Up!

It’s happened to the best of us. You get on an elevator, he gets off…eyes meet, maybe someone cracks a smile—and neither of you say anything and keep walking. In any big city, “missed connections” are the “doh!” moments of single life. Some turn to Cragslist to air it out later, but we at Parlour have something a little cooler for this Valentine’s Day. We’ve partnered with Flip to give you guys a chance to catch up to the one that may have got away—with a prize for 2 lucky Parlouristas in addition to the possibility of a hot date. Single? Check out the details to get hooked up:

1. Have your missed connection. It could’ve been yesterday, today or last week, etc…

2. Try to remember as many details as possible—the more you give, the more you may get in return :-}

3. Using your camera (Flip, laptop, phone, etc) record a quick video introducing yourself and describe your missed connection. Remember that he/she may be watching so make.it.work. Don’t have a video camera? Send us a pic of you and a description of what happened.

4. Send your video or image/description to contest@parlourmagazine.com.

5. Get hooked up!

The two best entries will win a Flip Mino HD video camera – courtesy of Flip & the ladies at Parlour.

Questions, Answers and Need-To-Knows…

What is a Missed Connection?
See above. It’s basically when the attraction happens, but no one seals the deal with a number/email or contact info. Stolen glances on the morning train ride, a quick smile while walking down the street…or even the bartender or office-mate that you haven’t had the courage to talk to. Or like in my recent case, it’s the cutie you spent 30 minutes chatting with at a party but somehow don’t exchange info with (#superfail).

Ok, I made the video. How do I get it to Parlour?
Two ways. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo and send us the link. Or use a file share site like Yousendit.com or Sendspace.com to get us the file and we will hook it up!

I didn’t win, do I still get hooked up?
Sure! If your connection contacts us, we will definitely spread the love your way.

You must be over 18 years old to enter. Good luck!

ps. If you guys hook up, you totally have to tell us btw. It’s not a contest rule, we’re are just nosy like that…

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