Puma’s Marley Legacy For Team Jamaica

For the 2012 Summer Olympics, Puma decided to keep it in the Jamaican family by enlisting Cedella Marley, creator of the short-lived “Catch A Fire” label and daughter of musical legend Bob Marley to design the official uniform for the Jamaican Olympic Track & Field team:

“It’ll be Grace Jones meets my Dad – very music inspired and a bit retro,” says Marley, who began designing clothes while she was on tour with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, a band comprised of her brothers and sisters. “I’m trying to weave a red, gold and green tag on the inside but really it’s about the athletes. There will be elements of Dad’s look about it though, especially him in those tracksuits he used to wear – I’ll be bringing that too. I’m sure he’s smiling down right now.”

The best thing about the collab other than seeing Usain Bolt in her kit? The way she got the job:

“I actually met the ceo of Puma and said ‘Yo Mr Puma, why haven’t you asked the Marley family to help design the kit?’ Two weeks later I was officially approached,” she explains. “I am so excited about it – there is this deep rooted Jamaican pride and I’m so pleased to be involved.”

See ladies? Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Read the rest and see more images on her collab at Vogue UK.

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