Qaadafi Chronicles, Rahm Wins, Egypt’s Sexual Harassment Problems & New Zealand Mourns

Cars! Women! Celebrities! Lavish parties, spousal abuse and neoptism. It’s not the Sopranos…it’s the Qaadafis! Read about the Wiki-leaked cables that detail the madness behind the ruling family of Libya (and explains why it’s citizens are trying to get them out). Question, what will happen to Muamar’s female bodyguards? DO they have a pension? {NYT}

Even if social progress is being made in Egypt, it’s not stopping the daily sexual harassment of women. {LAT}

Rahm Emanuel, former top adviser to President Barack Obama is now the Mayor of Chicago. After all, no one wants to be on this guys bad side, but having Obama as your employment reference kinda helps too. {Tribune}

Families in New Zealand are mourning the victims of the country’s recent earthquake. {Tele}

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