Blink Beautifully With Blinc Mascara

A makeup artist (and occasional drag queen) friend of mine told me a long time ago about Blinc Mascara. He said it was the mascara to have because it doesn’t paint on, it “tubes” on. I didn’t fully understand what he meant ( it sounded a bit too scientific for my simple brain) so I put the recommendation to the back of my mind. But after accumulating a couple of fail-safe mascaras from another brand, I thought ‘What other mascaras are on the market?’

Every mascara claims to do the same thing: define, separate, lengthen, thicken! I can almost hear the pretty girls in the makeup ads saying it now as they swing their glossy hair … I could look to almost any makeup brand and find a mascara that does at least two of these things. So I thought that I needed something different.

Then I remembered my conversation with my friend, Blinc sounded different! I didn’t fully get it but I sure was curious. After mentioning Blinc to a couple of my other makeup lover friends whose recommendations I hold in high regard, I did a bit of research.

Blinc mascara is formulated to create a tube around each lash as you apply. So unlike conventional mascaras which are painted or coated on, which eventually rubs off, Blinc’s water resistant “tubing” formula actually binds to your lashes and once applied, does not run, smudge, clump or flake. It comes off when you are ready. And unlike conventional waterproof mascaras, which can be quite difficult to remove, not to mention harsh on the gentle eye area, to remove Blinc mascara, you simply need warm water and pressure. So you’ll just have to dampen your face cloth/cotton pad with water, apply a light pressure with your cloth/cotton to your lashes and wipe away. You will see the tubes slide off effortlessly. Only the combination of water and pressure will remove it, water loosens the mascara’s adhesion, but the light pressure is needed to remove the tubes.

Apply Blinc Mascara to clean, dry lashes. Wait one-two minutes then reapply mascara to your desired length and thickness. Once finished, leave your lashes untouched for two-three minutes to let them set.

So, a mascara that’s voluminous, lengthens, water resistant and stays – even after having a cry, a sweaty workout at the gym, or just rubbing your eyes?! Sounds like a dream, and again, Blinc stays and only leaves when you want it to. This is added bonus is that it is also great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

It is available in six shades and there is even a trial size available (in black only) if you want to test it before purchasing the normal size.

Blinc Mascara £15.40/$25.04 Trial size (black only) £2.56/$4.16

I’ll be giving this one a go very soon, ladies, but if you get there before I do, let us know what you think!


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