British, US Military Bomb Libya, Smith’s Say Kids Are Fine, China Executes 3 Drug Smugglers, Nicki Minaj’s Green Hair, Google Audited For Privacy

British and US aircrafts have destroyed ammunition dumps deep in the desert 500 miles south of the Libyan coast in one of their longest joint bombing runs. [Guardian]

Some believe that Will and Jada Smith’s children are being exposed to the industry too young, but Mrs. Smith doesn’t see anything wrong with her kids making their own choices and expressing themselves creatively. [NecoleBitchie]

Three Philippine nationals convicted of drug trafficking in China were executed by lethal injection on Wednesday. [CNN]

Nicki Minaj hit the Christie’s Green Auction in New York yesterday. The MC was definitely getting into the mood as she appeared with half green and half blonde hair. [PopDash]

Google will be subjected to independent privacy audits for the next 20 years over charges that it violated its own privacy promises. [OSNews]


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