Bunny Rabbit Stew: Foodie

For Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend gave me two things: A home-cooked dinner and three pounds of fresh bunny rabbit meat.


I had no idea what to do with the gift either aside from feel guilty because Disney’s re-releasing Bambi and I’m somewhere googling how to eat his bestie, Thumper. Womp.

But after I got over my guilt, I ripped open the package only to realize that the rabbit … actually still looked like a rabbit just without skin. Hm. I’d found a bunny stew recipe and a honey roasted bunny recipe too but chose the former because it called for fewer ingredients. So I began cutting up the meat into “stew sized pieces” and … it took me an entire hour! I really need to invest in some kitchen scissors and a knife sharpener. After I finished hacking Thumper, I threw it all in the pot and followed the recipe, until it called for more flour to thicken the brew. That wasn’t necessary because the stew was already filling up my pot within about an inch of the top.

So how’d it taste? It’s pretty good, but you know me, I had to add something. In this case, I added lemon pepper, a bit more salt and some garlic powder to give the meal a kick and ate it with a few wheat crackers. Tasty, and that’s good since I’ve got enough Thumper bunny stew to feed a hungry family of at least six in my fridge. Want to come over and help?

Click here for the Bunny Rabbit Stew recipe, this was my first time trying anything from the “Dinner Impossible” host, Robert Irvine.

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