Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses, Christina Aguilera Arrested, Dior Fires John Galliano & al-Gaddafi Vs. Clinton

By now, everyone knows that Charlie Sheen’s crazy, but now this dude has “goddesses” aka chicks who are just staying with him. Everyone needs cheerleaders, I guess. But really, Charlie/ Carlos? Really? Ay dios mio … watch after the jump. [CNN]

Christina Aguilera’s downward spiral continues, the singer was arrested for public drunkeness in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler. Hm… [UsWeekly]

“The entire [Middle East] region is changing, and a strong and strategic American response will be essential,” Mrs Clinton said to the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee in prepared testimony. “In the years ahead, Libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protracted civil war. The stakes are high. And this is an unfolding example of how we use the combined assets of diplomacy, development and defense to protect our interests and advance our values.” – on the Muammar al-Gaddafi’s refusal to leave Libya as leader. [BBC]

Eccentric designer John Galliano’s been sacked by fashion house Dior for making anti-Semitic comments. Watch the clip here that was reportedly filmed in December but surfaced a few days ago, time enough for Natalie Portman to hate the brand, release a statement and wear Rodarte instead to the Oscar’s. [HuffPo]

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