Chris Brown Erupts At ‘Good Morning America’

Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E. LP comes out today, which bunches of hits and even a co-sign from me … until he flipped out at “Good Morning America” today. Oh, Chris. Now we don’t know exactly what happened, but while watching “Wendy Williams,” she said that GMA’s Robin Roberts asked Chris several questions about Rihanna, like whether they’d been in contact since the police order had been lifted. Instead of answering the questions calmly and moving on, the young star became frustrated and pulled the artist insecurity card: “Let’s talk about the album because that’s why I’m here.” Then he reportedly went to his dressing room where a window was broken and he later left the building without his shirt.

Chris, Chris, Chris … I can’t even blame your PR because I know they told you how to act before you hit the stage. It’s annoying that the media harps on the Rihanna incident, but it’s a part of your life. Like when R.Kelly is interviewed, he’ll always have to speak to his charges, even though he was acquitted, and Bobby Brown is still talking about his cocaine and heroin use though he’s been clean for six years. Participating in all inclusive interviews is part of the entertainment game. Now please, stop acting up so that I don’t have to feel guilty for listening to “She Ain’t You” repeatedly (c) Alicia Keys.


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