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Diddy Celebrates DJ Kiss And M.O.S’ Marriage

Fairy tales do come true and DJ’s Kiss and MOS, who were recently married, prove that cliche to be true. People can not only find love in New York City, they can even find it in the not-so-friendly club scene in the Big Apple. Someone find Cinderella, Aladdin and Princess Tiana and tell them to stand aside!

Last night, I hit the couple’s nuptials celebration to toast their happiness and say hello to some friends including DJ Mick Boogie, who got to spin his favorite rapper Jay-Z as long as he wanted. Highlights:

– A performance by another Mic, the leader singer of The System, who sang “In My System” and “Don’t Disturb This Groove.” Random but fun!

– Sipping on something appropriately titled “Black Love” and it was actually tasty.

– Watching Diddy’s crew to make sure no funniness happened to my bag, which I’d left in a previously non-VIP section, which became one when it was commandeered by Mr. Combs. No one stole my “pocketbook” so no one got cut. All’s fair in love and NYC nightlife.

It was a good time produced by the lovely Christina Rice and Traceye Smith. Cheers!

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