Libya’s Cease-Fire, Odd Future At SXSW, Japan’s Raises Alert, Estee Lauder’s Multi-Culti, Aristide Returns To Haiti

In Libya, a cease-fire has been declared because the U.N. has intervened to protect civilians hammered by the fighting. But if anyone’s seen Hotel Rwanda, you’ve got to ask, how long will this last? [CNN]

Odd Future check in at SXSW on being … the newest “it” group. [RapRadar]

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Japan’s raised the (worry) alert from four to five in response to the nuclear reactor incident. [BBC]

Estee Lauder likes every ethnicity in its new “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” campaign. [Fashionista]

Haiti’s former President Jean Bertrand Aristide has returned to Haiti from exile in South Africa, just before the presidential elections. The media says he was loved by the poor and hated by the island’s small elite population. He’s the second leader to return to Haiti just before the election, Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier was the first and he’s now on house arrest for civil rights crimes and embezzlement. [WSJ]

Oh, and here’s today’s wake up song: Gap Band’s “Yearning For Your Love”


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