Rihanna (& Her Butt Cheek) For Rolling Stone: Cover Love

I’d be interested to know how the entire exchange between photographer Marc Seliger and Rihanna went when shooting this cover…

Marc: “Rihanna darling, I want to capture your island-exotic beauty in a natural setting …”
Rihanna: “OK Marc, because I naturally walk around with this red curly weave and booty-shorts that look like they went through a car wash. That’s the natural me.”
Marc: “Exactly.”

Because you can’t have “an attraction to the dark side” when you wear a bandanna around your wrist … that’s just too cute for real bad girls. Let’s leave the dancehall gear for the girls who really work it.

ps. I need pom-pom shorts with the California bear on them, immediately. *dutty wines* -HC

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