‘Sex Crimes Against Black Girls’ Art Show Frees Female Artists

On a cold night, I accompanied Shannon to an art show in Bed-Stuy with an … interesting name: “Sex Crimes Against Black Girls.”

Me: What?
Shannon: “Sex Crimes Against Black Girls,” girl, just come.
Me: Alright, but only because it’s Shantrelle’s show, man.

Ultimately, the exhibition was great because the artists, which ranged from photographers to painters, took their painful experiences and turned them into something creative and freeing.  A few weeks later, I filmed my conversation with the Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Skylight Gallery curator Shantrelle P. Lewis about some of the pieces and why she chose such a hardcore title.Watch below!

The collection chronicles the obvious but in an abstract way from which we can all learn. If you’re in town, check out the show and tonight, March 29, Ms. Lewis is hosting a discussion, following a screening of NO! The Rape Documentary at the gallery.


BRSC’s Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton Street


Closes April 2, 2011

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