Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Rocks + ‘This Weed Iz Mine’ w/ Snoop

Snoop met Wiz Khalifa‘s mom, but let’s preface this clip with a bit of background. Late last year, Shannon and I hit a New York concert featuring Wiz, Curren$y and Big K.R.I.T., and backstage, between red cups and Shante’s jokes, we met Mr. Lawrence, Wiz Khalifa’s dad. Upon meeting this guy, it’s obvious why Wiz is so charismatic. Between his hilarious jokes, gold chain and the compliments on our hair, we weren’t sure if he knew that he wasn’t going on stage with his son.

Maybe it’s just me but I always want to meet a rapper’s parents, or at least hear about them in an interview. I believe your parents have a large influence on your life and a lot of these cats are softies — see Jim Jones and mother, Ms. Nancy, on “Love & Hip Hop” for proof — and there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion. Not to mention, after Wiz’s weed bust last year, the  MC said in an interview that his mother, looked at his mugshot and exclaimed, “Baby, your skin looked so good!”

Can I meet this woman, please?

Oh yeah, listen to Wiz and Snoop’s “This Weed Iz Mine” here because it’s good.

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