7 iPhone Apps Every Woman Needs

Hardly any girl I know strays too far from her iPhone — did you name yours, too? Who would want to part with this amazing gadget when there are so many cool apps to make our lives more productive and fun? Whether you keep your life in your celly or use it only to make phone calls or text, try these apps that are sure to make any girl smile!

BBC Good Food Quick Recipes (pictured above)

For a girl on the go, slaving in a kitchen for hours is not an option. Need to whip a quick meal for a gathering with the girls or an intimate rendezvous, but the fridge isn’t stocked? Try this app to customize quick recipes according to cuisine and ingredients you have at home. Recipes are also categorized into healthy and festive meals and even cake recipes cake recipes.

Cost: $2.99

Red Laser

Who has time or money to waste driving from store to store comparative shopping when your personal shopper is right in the palm of your hand? Use Red Laser to find the best prices on your favorite items at your local stores and online. The app allows you to scan the item barcode or key in the UPC to get the best bargain. It works in any light and you can email the product details and location to your home computer, friends and family.

Cost: Free

*Compatible with Android


If you have to plane hop for your job or just like to travel, organize your trips with the Trip-It application for the iPhone and iPad. You no longer have to deal with tons of paper itineraries and travel directions. Trip-It does it all for you. Don’t forget to book your trip with Priceline’s Negotiator app to find the best air and hotel deals for your vacays.

Cost: Free

Period Tracker Lite
It’s happened to us all. On a routine doctor’s visit, you can never remember the first day of your last period. Or maybe you begin planning a beach getaway or mini-vacay with your significant other, only to realize your period is on the way. Period Tracker Lite is to the rescue! The app gives you a calendar to track your period, ovulation and even log PMS and menustation symptoms. Ladies, this is a must-have!

Cost: Free (Upgrade to deluxe for $1.99)

Mixology Drink Recipes

After a long day at work, you can’t wait to unwind with a few cocktails, but you’d rather relax in your own space. Become a mixologist with a just a few taps on your cell. This application gives drink recipes in categories like cocktails, jello shots and even non-alcoholic drinks. Search for ingredients by recipe or use the “Random” function and the app will randomly give you a custom recipe. This is perfect for an impromptu party or if you want to brush up on your bartending skills. Random Function (using only Snapps and dairy products): Sputnik, a frothy mixed cocktail with peach Schnapps, OJ, vodka and light cream. Delish!

Cost: Free

*Compatible with Android, updated February 2011


Wake up to a new deal daily when you download the LivingSocial app. Even though you can join online, grab this app for extra savings without being tied down to a laptop. LivingSocial includes up to 70% off on high-end services at spas, restaurants and mini-weekend getaways. Enter your email address and your city and watch the savings come rolling in. Latest deal for Los Angeles: $40 worth of food and drinks at Rama Thai Restaurant for $20
Tip: Don’t have an iPhone or Android? Download Groupon, a similar app for your Blackberry.

Cost: Free

*Compatible with Android

National Public Radio

If you’re not up on the happenings in Libya or just want to hear some great music, download the NPR app to stay informed without being glued to your television. Dubbed the “pocket-size public radio,” this app’s features include searching for and bookmarking your favorite stations and reading and sharing your favorite news stories via Facebook, Twitter and email. The power of information is right at your fingertips!

Cost: Free

*Also compatible with Android and Blackberry

– Alisha Tillery

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