Beyoncé Drops ‘Girls,’ Reporter Killed, Summer’s Aztec Trend, Libyan Rebels Overrun Tunisian Border, ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Returns

Finally Beyoncé dropped her new song “Girls (Who Run the World).” It’s reportedly the lead single from her forthcoming studio album — her fourth— which is set for a June release. I’m enjoying the song, though that may be because it’s been numbing my brain into submission. As a celebratory song, it’s a bit joyless. Judge for yourself [THAT GRAPE JUICE]

The Libyan government has expressed “sadness” over the deaths of two award-winning photographers, Tim Hetherington and his US colleague Chris Hondros, killed while covering the conflict in Misrata. But spokesman Moussa Ibrahim admitted there are always casualties in war, saying: “People die from our side, from their side; people get caught in the middle.” [TELEGRAPH]

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to splash out the brights and embrace the Aztec print. Celebs such as Beyoncé and Jessica Lowndes have been seen out lately rocking the trend. For a style tip, keep the rest of your outfit simple and go for natural accessories such as a beaded necklace or wooden bangles. [STYLOKO]

Libyan rebels have overrun a post on the Tunisian border in a rare advance against government troops in the west of the country, reports say. The reported capture of the Wazin crossing follows intense fighting in the area. [PRISION PLANET]

In case you didn’t let out your heavy sigh nineteen years ago, author Terry McMillan announced via Twitter that the sequel to her 1992 smash hit, Waiting to Exhale, which is called Getting to Happy is ready for the big screen. Reportedly, it will hit theatres next year and both Loretta Divine and Angela Bassett have confirmed that they will be a part of the upcoming production. I wonder if they’ve gotten Lela Rochon and Whitney Houston to come back for round two? [NECOLE BITCHIE]

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