Deep Dish: Mizani H20 Intense

When women think of the one product we can’t live without, that we’d grab if our house were on fire … we all have different answers. I love my Aveda Glossing Straightener, my Organix Anti-Breakage Serum but amongst these beauties on my dresser lies a little bit of hair heaven: Mizani H20 Intense Night-Time Treatment.

It’s literally my hair rescue. It is a (dry/brittle/split-ended haired) dream. This night-time treatment with Shea Butter, Vitamin A Derivative, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and patented Ceramide strengthening technology is designed to increase hair strength, reduce the formation of split ends, enhance moisture retention, and control dryness and frizz without weighing the hair down. It is ideal for those with dry/damaged Afro/curly/frizzy hair, lacking in moisture, softness and prone to breakage.

My hair was going through a dry phase and it made a Brillo pad feel like a fluffy cushion. No joke. So I reached for the Mizani and I applied it every second night, from the roots to tips of my hair. I used a small amount since the cream is very rich and using too much will make even the driest hair limp and greasy. My hair was dramatically softer, more manageable and looked healthier the next day … and my comb didn’t cry when I ran it through my hair.

Because this hair treatment is specifically for bad hair days/phases, it’s something you probably (and thankfully!) will not have to use very often, but is definitely worth having as an emergency fix-up. However, I have found this to also be an excellent tool for protecting and preventing split ends, as well as great as a heat protector when using flat irons (apply a small amount mid-lengths to ends of hair before running the irons over it) which leaves the hair with a nice sheen when the hair is styled and finished. In times like this, where our pockets are little tighter, we want products that will “do what it says on the tin,” in addition to being multi-use so we get our money’s worth. Mizani H20 Intense Night-Time Treatment encompasses all of that and I would definitely recommend it to friends going through a frazzled hair phase. No cream should have all that power … I feel like I need to call Kanye for a remix.

Mizani H20 Intense Night-Time Treatment: 142g/5.0oz £13.99/$22.54

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