Catherine Zeta-Jones Bipolar? Yemen Killings, Adele Does Rolling Stone & Obama Talks Budget Cuts

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Wednesday revealed that she sought treatment for manic depression after struggling to cope with the stress of husband Michael Douglas’s battle with throat cancer. [BBC]

At least seven people were killed including four policemen who clashed with a dissident army unit, as hundreds of thousands of anti-regime protesters rallied across Yemen on Wednesday. “Police attacked an army checkpoint in Amran province,” 170 kilometres (105 miles) north of Sanaa, “killing one officer and wounding two soldiers,” a military official told AFP. [VOANNEWS]

British singer Adele is given the full spotlight in the latest issue of the publication, emphasising her meteoric rise to the top of the US charts. ‘I love fine foods and hate the gym’: Adele reveals she is happy with her weight as she graces Rolling Stone cover. [DAILY MAIL]

President Barack Obama has called for raised taxes on the rich as well as cuts in government spending in what he termed a balanced approach to cutting the huge US budget deficit. In a speech in Washington DC he outlined a package of tax increases and spending cuts aimed at reducing the deficit by $4tn (£2.45tn) by 2023. [BUISNESS BLOG]


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