Celebrate Earth Day with 3-Minute Showers?

Happy Earth Day ladies! Question: how long are your showers? Um, I won’t even cop to mine when I’m washing my afro … However actresses Tika Sumpter, of “The Game,” and Amy Smart, of “Shameless” are encouraging us to minimize our daily operation. Check out these facts:

• The average consumer takes a 10-minute long shower – 67% of
consumers polled admit to spending a maximum of 10 minutes in the

• The average shower head uses 7 gallons of water per minute, that’s 35
gallons of water for every 5 minutes**

• By cutting shower time to just three minutes the average person would
save nearly 50 gallons of water with each shower!

Now while I’m not so sure how practical this move is, I do love Mother Earth so I’ll try it (when I’m not washing my hair) … Are you in?

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