Charlie Sheen Wins Chicago, Royal Wedding Fever Spreads, Remembering Martin Luther King Jr., Japan May Have Sea Contamination, Sons Pave Way For Gaddafi’s Exit

Charlie Sheen’s gone from zero to hero. Just one night after he was booed off stage after his disastrous debut in Detroit, the axed telly star redeemed himself by ‘winning’ over an audience in Chicago. [M&C]

Royal wedding fever is spreading across the world with international broadcasters snapping up BBC documentaries on the couple’s engagement. [MIRROR]

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. on the day of his assassination, many are continuing the great man’s work. [TheRoot]

Not ready for spring/ summer’s fleshy reveal? Here are 15 one piece bathing suits. [Fashionista]

Fukushima nuclear plant employees use bath salts to help trace radiation leak from reactor. Officials warn it could take months to control nuclear crisis and the Japanese cabinet secretary warns of the huge impact on the ocean. [NYTIMES]

Two sons of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi have reportedly proposed a transition to a constitutional democracy which would include removing their father from power. [INDIAN EXPRESS]


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