NY Serial Killer, Britney Spears’ Dance Return, Congo U.N. Plane Crash, Russia Stays Nuclear, Mary J. Blige Returns

Police hunting a serial killer in New York found eight bodies on a remote beach. Officers discovered three sets of human remains yesterday after a painstaking four-month search of Oak Beach, 45 miles east of NYC. [ABC NEWS]

Britney Spears proves she’s still got the moves with a vigorous display in her new video. The singer puts her body through a punishing dance routine as she belts out club-bound track “Till The World Ends.” [Britney Spears]

Only one person among 33 passengers and crew survived after a UN plane crashed while attempting to land in poor weather in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Monday. The accident, in Kinshasa, is one of the worst to involve a UN aircraft. Most of the passengers were UN staff and peacekeepers, although five NGO workers were also on board. [GUARDIAN]

As the world anxiously watches efforts to contain the threat from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, governments are either hastily re-examining their nuclear programs, or like Russia, saying they will not scale them down. [SMALL NEWS]

After remaining quiet for almost one year, Mary J. Blige is planning to release an album on September 20th titled My Life II: The Journey Continues. This album will be the sequel to classic 1994 album My Life.  Check out her first single below. [THAT GRAPE JUICE]

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