Rockets Rain in Libya, Paula Abdul Joins ‘X-Factor,’ Israeli killed, Cheryl Cole’s Straw Hat Trend, Celtics Beat Knicks

Rockets rained down on Libya’s western rebel-held city of Misrata Sunday, despite a government claim earlier that it had halted operations against rebels there. Witnesses in Misrata reported heavy shelling and gunfire in the city that has seen hundreds killed in two months of a government siege. Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said earlier Sunday the army had suspended operations against rebels in Misrata but had not left the city. [LATEST NEWS GAZETTE]

Paula Abdul’s crazy is ready for another round since she’ll be joining Simon Cowell’s “The X-Factor,” along with singer Cheryl Cole. Enjoy? [EW]

One Israeli was killed and four were wounded when Palestinian police forces opened fire early Sunday on a convoy of worshipers leaving a holy site in the West Bank city of Nablus, escalating tension between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The victim, 25 year old Ben Yosef Livnat, was the nephew of an Israeli cabinet minister from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. Livnat and a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews had entered the Palestinian city to pray at Joseph’s Tomb before the start of a holiday on Sunday at sundown marking the end of Passover. [JEWISH NEWS PLACE]

Cheryl Cole’s straw hat has sparked a celeb following … and a big summer trend. Since spring’s arrived, the high street shelves have been overflowing with various takes on the straw hat; with cloches, trilbys and fedoras all making an appearance. [OK]

Dirty Money’s Dawn and Kaleena hit Madison Square Garden last night to sing “The National Anthem” for the Knicks vs. Celtics game, where the Celtics beat the Knicks 113-96. [THAT GRAPE JUICE]


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