Six Most Cliché Rapper Poses: Are You Guilty?

In terms of photography, hip-hop has come a long way. From Jamel Shabazz’s original b-boy images to Mike Schrieber’s moody portraits, photographers have managed to maintain a steady evolution when capturing our favorite music makers — too bad most rappers are still dinosaurs in front of the camera. Chalk it up to nerves, but after our last shoot we all agree that the standard “hip-hop” poses need to be remixed. After all, we all can’t be that gangsta, word to Justin.

Recently while on break at our Spring Style shoot (more on that later), we got MC/ professional beard grower/ Ohio player Stalley to demonstrate the Six Most Cliché Rapper Poses. Fellas, before you step in front of the lens to get fresh, make sure you aren’t guilty of the following:

6. “The Deal Maker” (shown above)
Because he’s always up to something. He’s starting that new label/ clothing company/ car wash/ sneaker line. He’s a busy busy man ladies … and time is money.

5. “The Cross Over”
This one is a classic, but after Molly Shannon’s Superstar performance, all we can think about now is underarms.

4. “The Freestyle Fail”
There is a difference between a candid moment … and blatantly faking a candid moment. You can’t fake fresh.

3. “The Low Low”
Again, it is a classic stance gone astray. Outside of the fact that the grimey (think “Straight Out The Sewer”) era is long gone, there’s nothing sexy about looking like you are about to cop-a-squat.

2. “The Toy Soldier”
Why are you shooting us? Actually, why are you shooting anyone? We thought you went from the trap to the studio? OK, so maybe we downloaded that last album, but you don’t have to take it there.

1. “The Sunday Special”
You know, for the “introspective” shot. Blame Nas.

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