Beyoncé Joins Oprah’s Last Show, Maid in IMF Case Harassed, Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ Arnold’s Other Woman is Loyal, South Korean Man Killed on Cross, Kevin Hart to Host BET Awards, Oscar de la Renta’s Paper Hats

Beyoncé, Tom Hanks, Usher, Tom Cruise, Maria Shriver and the WORLD are probably creeping back to the Chicago airport right now. The star studded crew all hit the Chi’s United Arena to film Oprah’s final show, which airs on May 25. [MTV]

The woman who accused IMF head of sexual assaulted is now, essentially, being assaulted, socially. She’s been unable to return to her job or her home because of all of the reporters stalking her to ask questions. Come on guys, she’s a mother. Kids are still in school. [SMH]

Lady Gaga dresses crazy, even for charity. She was Born This Way, we guess. [NYT]

The mother of Arnold’s love child is the “keep quiet” type. When a journo asked her if her son was Arnold’s and she said no … but apparently he looks just like the Terminator. [TMZ]

Police are saying that a South Korean man, who died on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head, put himself in that position to commit suicide. The man was found shortly after Easter. [Guardian]

BET Awards nominations featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Kevin Hart is hosting, he’s hilarious. [MissInfo]

Oscar de la Renta’s paper hats. You likey? [NYMag]

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