Beyoncé Runs The World in New Video

I’ve got to say that I wasn’t too impressed when I heard Beyoncé singing over the Major Lazer beat. It felt like when I realized the GAP and Urban Outfitters noted what my friends and I were wearing then sold it as “hip” clothing the following season. Haven’t we been here before? But as I said after seeing Bey in concert years ago and she left a pint of blood on the stage, I will never talk bad about Mrs. Carter again.

That Texas girl is an entertainer and if she wants to kill an angry mob with caberet dance moves, who am I to stop her? Watch the clip after the jump and let me know what you think in a tweet at @parlourmagazine or in a comment below!

ps. I want her shoes from the first dance sequence. I think I’m finally OK with fringe.

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