Beyonce’s ‘Girls,’ Joe vs. Esther Baxter, Kanye’s Coachella Live Set, Pusha T’s ‘Open Your Eyes,’ Curren$y’s ‘Blood, Sweat N Gears’

Apart from Beyoncé’s fun teaser for her newest single “Pon De Floor” “Run The World,” it’s been a rough day in the world of women vs. rappers. Yes, I’m talking about New Jersey’s Joe Budden vs. ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter. If you’re like me, when the issue of physical abuse and he-said she-said arises, I’m inclined to believe the woman in an effort not to blame the assumed victim. That said, this public battle over what should’ve remained private (abortions, images of a fetus. Ack) is just … messy. Thankfully Miss Info gives a unemotional breakdown of who said what between Esther’s Bossip interview and Joe’s Hot 97 chat. Oh and if you couldn’t catch Kanye West at Coachella, then download a recording of his live performance . Plus, Pusha T’s “Open Your Eyes” and Curren$y’s “Blood, Sweat N Gears” videos after the jump.

You’re welcome!

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