Coconut Body Butter: Everyday Luxe

A tub of the Body Shop’s body butter is a must-have for any serious moisturizer who wants a touch of luxury.

Renowned for its moisturizing properties, light to rich textures and good-enough-to-eat fragrances, these butters are a beauty essential to keep your skin looking, feeling and smelling good. With summer upon us, we need to up our body care regime with scrubs and body-brushing, waxes and shaving (yep, it’s that time of year!) and of course moisture.

My favorite body butter, apart from the Almond which has unfortunately been discontinued (why Lord, why?!) and the yummy Shea butter, has to undoubtedly be the Coconut Body Butter. It’s been my beauty cupboard staple since 2005 and here’s why …

The Coconut Butter contains caprylic, derived from coconut oil, Community Trade Shea and cocoa butter, which melt at body temperature, leaving the skin soft. Offering up to 24 hours of silkiness, the product absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin.

After using this Body Shop gem, my skin is hydrated all day and the generously-sized tub and rich, creamy texture means a little goes a long way so purchase lasts quite a while. Oh, and did I mention the smell? Absolutely yum! I can see why the Coconut is a Body Shop best-seller. You literally smell like the smooth, tropical fruit itself, or as friends and colleagues have pointed out on me passing them by “it smells like holiday in here.” I always knew I brought sunshine into people’s lives …

Available in 18 fragrances each tailored to your skin type, from the citrus-y Satsuma for normal skin, refreshing Moroccan Rose for normal to dry skin, and chocolate-y Cocoa for very dry skin. The Body Shop even has an Aloe Butter for those with sensitive skin. It’s luxury you can afford to have everyday.

200ml £12.50/$20.70 50ml- £5.00/$8.28

– Charmaine

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