Lauryn Hill Performs on ‘Jimmy Fallon’: Thoughts?

Lauryn Hill performed on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” last night … and she was dressed like it was 35 degrees instead of the 60 we enjoyed her in New York. A friend jokingly says that Hill’s clothing is the key to whether she’ll have a good or bad performance. I might agree with her because I’m not impressed by the “Jimmy” showing.

Thoughts, ladies?



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  • Stilford

    Toyally agree! It was a hot mess performance. She was dressed in a moo moo and Run DMC rope chains while waving to the band and backup singers for what I assumed was her signal for them to give her “more”.

    That was not the Hill that rock the 90’s and not the Hill that should have matured musically since the 90’s. Too bad really because she has an amazing talent. Hopefully she will get out of her own head and return to good music.