Nude in Spring!: Nails for Every Occasion

I ain’t too prude to get nude … The pros of the nude nail may be too obvious for some; an easy-to-wear colour for everyone that matches all of your outfits. Woohoo! However, the neutralness of a nude can also be a little too “safe” by some fashionistas. Well, if rocking nudes makes me too safe, then just call me vanilla. The inoffensive, goes-with-most-desserts ice cream flavour isn’t popular for no reason.

Like the creamy dessert, nudes stand out without overpowering your main outfit. The colour makes a great accessory (or side dish … ) and if you do want to make a statement with it, you can. I look for nudes that are milky in texture as well as a few shades lighter than my own skin tone so my nails will stand out.

Speaking of, here are a few nude picks for your talons this Spring!:

OPI’s Tickle My France-y: A grayed out nude pink, that’s subtle, sophisticated and totally yummy. I also love the name.
15ml £10.50/$16.99

Essie’s Eternal Optimist: A rich and creamy nude that packs a punch after applying three coats. This is my nude shade of last summer and it’s bound for a repeat in 2011.
15ml £9.95/$16.10

Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Opaque Nude: A milky, beige hue that definitely stands out.
12ml £11.12/$18.00

Jessica’s Beautiful: A translucent pink shade which looks equally as good worn as part of a French manicure or on its own.
14.8ml £9.75/$15.78

OPI’s Chocolate Moose: A sweet candy brown that blends almost invisibly with darker skin tones.
15ml £10.50/$16.99

– Charmaine

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