Osama bin Laden’s Dead, Do You Feel Safer?

Morning ladies, if you’re like me you were glued to Twitter and your TV last night. After the news stations announced that US President Obama was giving an emergency address at 10:30 p.m. EST, there was a comedic atmosphere on Twitter.

Alien jokes swirled until outlets like CNN and the NYTimes scooped the President, printing that Osama bin Laden was dead. Then the social networking vibe became serious (I’m ignoring the Trump x Obama x Birther jokes, because … ). Some people took up the pro-America flag while others like dream hampton were a bit more skeptical, analyzing bin Laden’s death as step in both the right and wrong direction.

Sure, American forces have been looking for bin Laden for years, they found him and that’s amazing. But the crowd of blissful tourists cheering outside the White House last night … wasn’t encouraging for me. Honestly, the image CNN kept showing reminded me of the people that scream “America, fuck yeah!” and not as a joke. And that type of blind enthusiasm for one’s country scares me … a lot.

Think about it, if you were an Al Qaeda supporter and the international figure head of your organization had just been killed, would you think ‘It’s over?’ Or would you plot revenge on the people who killed him or her and immortalize your fallen leader? I’m betting on the latter.

I salute President Obama and the U.S. military for achieving what many other American Commander-In-Chiefs could not, this will definitely bolster his re-election campaign catastrophically. But I’m heading to Washington, D.C. this afternoon for a funeral and I must admit … I’m a little nervous.


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