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This is What the “New” South Africa Looks Like?

South Africa recently celebrated Freedom Day on April 27th, and 17 years after that fateful day when democratic elections were first held in 1994, the ladies at Afripopmag spotted a poster for a Cape Town-based reality show called “Clifton Shores” over at Africa is a Country.

The buzzed about reality show is based on popular MTV shows like “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach,” and features a cast of White South African and Americans living in Cape Town. The four Americans are in South Africa to work for local tycoon Quinton van der Burgh and the local girls act as their guides to the city.

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  • Hot. Messiness.

    Well, kind’ve sort’ve.

    While an initial reaction from me yields thoughts akin to “wtf, an outrage and nonsense” another reaction concludes that the world we live in is increasingly dynamic. Cultures, peoples and ethnic groups are forging communities in distant lands that they now call home.

    The main problem I have overall, is capitalism, period. Whether it takes on the form of Nigeria’s Top Model or now this ‘The Hills’ knockoff, the underlying problem is truly the younger generation’s warped understanding of history, struggle, money, and fame.