‘True Blood’ Season 4 Debut: Watch the First 3 Mins!

I’m laughing right now. I just watched the first three minutes of season 4 of “True Blood” and … Sookie’s grandfather Niall is the annoying boss from Office Space? LOL! iCant. But this season is going to be awesome because I’m sure he’ll be unintentionally funny when the script doesn’t call for it. YES! Plus, Eric will be confused and topless (often …) which will make him less of the sarcastic villan we love and more of the romantic vamp I’m sure soccer moms will want to molest … more than usual.

Before I go on, let me preface any further nerdy “True Blood” notes I have by reminding all Parlouristas that I’ve read all of the books. My girl Naomi and I even went to a “True Blood” reading at Barnes & Noble in New York’s Union Square to hear author Charlaine Harris speak live. Yes, I’m that nerdy. I can’t wait to start my Monday run-downs of the Sunday night series and catch up where we left off last year. Unfortunately, since I read the books, I can tell you that the series is only going to get more far-fetched … but if you suspend disbelief as I have, it’s a good time! Watch below!

props: I09

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