US Talks To bin Laden’s Wives, Summer Nail Trends, New L.I. Killer, Breast Feeding Wins, Rick Ross’ New ‘By Any Means’

This summer’s hottest nail polish trends. *wiggles fingers* [Refinery 29]

Pakistan may give the U.S. the opportunity to talk to bin Laden’s three wives. [Reuters]

Wait, there’s a second serial killer in Long Island?!?! This is really putting a damper on my upcoming summer Fridays at the beach. I mean, if I might have to fight for my life and all … [NYT]

A new study shows that if you breast feed your baby, you probably won’t have to bail them out of jail later in life. No, really. [BBC]

I like this Ross, Meek Mill, Wale and Pill song “By Any Means” from their upcoming Self Made (giggles) LP. Still, I’m wary of their reference to Malcolm X. The freedom fighter is bigger and much more important than a song about selling coke. [BET]

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