Beyoncé on Humility, Loving Jay-Z & Babies

Beyoncé’s interview with Brit journo Piers Morgan was actually a good time. The hour long sit-down aired on CNN from a studio in London and, aside from Piers’ occasional butt-kissing, it really seemed like a non-robotic conversation. My favorite part was when she talked about how her mother taught her humility as a teenager — with a slap across the face.

“I remember when we [Destiny’s Child] first had our record on the radio and [my mother and I] were in a record store and I started singing [because I didn’t want to hear what she had to say] …. I thought I was hot and she smacked the crap out of me and sent me to the car,” Beyoncé recalled, with a laugh. “She said ‘I don’t care what song you have on the radio, you are still on my child and you will respect me.’ I never forgot that.”

What? Lay it down Tina Knowles, keep those kids in line! Anyway, watch the interview below. Enjoy!

props: Yardie

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