Cee-Lo, Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj: BET Awards’ Best Looks

I’m not one of those hating on the BET Awards just because it’s BET. If the awards show is well executed and engaging, then I give props where they are due. So what’d I think?

The 2011 BET Awards were good, with the exception of Alicia Key’s fuzzy ponytail/ unexplainable Rick Ross duet, Big Sean almost touching himself and Chris Brown’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit? pant suit, followed by an even more suspect onesie. Also, why did Drake only perform once, despite him lyrics flying around in other people’s performances? I know folks were upset that Beyoncé’s performance was filmed earlier and streamed but … as I said on @ParlourMagazine last night, if she didn’t perform, we would’ve been upset about that too. So, I’ll give BET slack because technically Bey still performed.

Now, let’s get into a few folks that I thought were dressed well … and those who I just enjoy (see: Cee-Lo above).

Love Wiz and Amber Rose’s romance, I’ll even forgive their making out during the Patti LaBelle tribute, but what does she have on? Why was everyone wearing a onesie/ unitard last night?

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