Diary of a Domme: What A Domme Wants

Did The Mistress DiDi’s introduction intrigue you? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s more of the Domme’s story!

I like being served, attended to and cared for. I am as a Lifestyle Domme, but I never force anyone to do anything. I create a domain of comfort, peace and fulfillment. I do not offer services; I am served by the worthy. Service to me requires more than mere physical ability. I only want the best of the best in my domain.

For me, the best of the best means you must have great hygiene, the ability to think for yourself, intelligence, a good sense of humor, manners and enjoy new experiences. A job where you use valuable skills and can obey and enjoy pleasing me is also important. You must know what you desire in serving me, then approach me properly and be able to follow instructions. I know this may seem like a long list of required qualities for a potential mate, but that is because when you are chosen to serve me, you’re invited into my domain and I do not associate with anyone I do not approve of.

In regards to having a mate — I am single by choice. What’s different about the way I date? I recognize my worth and give others the opportunity to present theirs for sharing. Too many women date with the intention of convincing someone to like and want them. Before anything, I must be amused. The reason I am a Domme is because I like to have things my way, including having my submissives, my way. The Domme/submissive relationship is about growth and us both becoming the best we can as individuals and together.

There is usually a three-month trial period when the submissive and I see if we’re a good fit. My process is designed to test the ability and desire of the submissives to commit to accomplishing tasks which attend to my desires. I am a giving goddess and my greatest joy is to consider the enjoyment of others in my domain.

Fetish is a huge part of how I combine my spiritual, mental and physical lives into a perfect blend to pursue my joy. There is a special serenity when my energies are intertwined with those I’m playing with that gives a greater high than a physical orgasm. When this happens, I am in “Domme Space” and the submissive is in “sub space.” It is literally a divine connection that has no description; it just must be experienced. Think about a time when you felt completely on top of the world; the way I play is something close to that but better! From my “Domme Space” I receive peace of mind, self-acceptance, comfort, happiness, extreme pleasure, adventure and inspiration.

Understand that I have no interest in anyone who does not desire to be in the sacred connection of play with me or do anything that both of us do not agree upon. I do have interest, however, in taking someone like Lady Gaga under my wing. She is at the tender age where her fame can be overwhelming enough to sting her talents and genius with disappointment. I would love to offer her a sanctuary where she could be herself and have a Guardian Domina in her corner.

The limitations that most people subscribe to now were created by some old farts a long time ago and you permit them to keep you a prisoner to “traditions” that limit your greatness. When I die, I’m going to say ‘Wow! That was great!’ while most other people will say ‘I wish I had … ‘

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